Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anybody else land locked?

I grew up in the Midwest. Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, regardless of the move I was surrounded by cornfields. Most Midwest boys pour their lives into football, basketball and wrestling. I followed the majority for most of my teenage years. However, there was always something deep inside me needing something...more EXTREME!

We experimented with different things to fulfill this longing. We chained up old car hoods to farm trucks and pulled each other through the country side during snow covered months. One summer we built ourselves a demolition derby car that endured months of brutal test drives only to survive 30 seconds in the actual derby. We even rode cows in an attempt to produce our own rodeo. All attempts, though gnarly, weren't meeting that burning desire within.

When I graduated from Iowa State I moved to Hermosa Beach, CA. There, my buddy, Jimbo and I dedicated ourselves to the gnarliest of all sports...surfing. Yeah dude, it was awesome. Though every local could see we were "corn bred" it didn't matter, we were living the dream.

As life would have it the good Lord moved me to Branson, MO. And ever since then I have missed the waves. Ashley and I have been fortunate enough to surf in Maui, the Outer Banks and Bali, Indonesia in the last couple years but it’s just never enough.

A couple of days ago my friend Bernard Bourque invited me to go wake surfing with him. I happened to have the afternoon off and jumped on the chance. The dock bro's at K2 wake surf all the time and I have even taken a ride or two. But Bernard took me out on this sweet Mastercraft weighted down with "fat sacs" and kickin up a killer wake. Anyway long story short...I am now a wake surf junkie. For all you dudes who are landlocked, let's get gnarly.


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