Monday, September 15, 2008

Dream Big

This morning we had an awesome bible study with the 7th grade Mighty Men. It has been so good to get back into the regular schedule of things. These guys are my pride and joy. This morning we looked at Ephesians 2:10 "For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared beforehand for us to do."

I believe that our dreams are way to small. For so long I viewed our biblical examples as extaordinary men or superhero's of the faith. And while that is true my perspective was scued because of my lack of faith. In other words, I thought God moved through them more mightily than he ever would through me or any other modern day man for that matter. The truth is that they were men with a nature just like our own (James 5:17).

In high school I dreamed of working as a Game Warden. When I shared this dream with my agriculture teacher he told me there weren't many jobs in that field and that I should look into something with more opportunity. 10 years later I have a degree in Environmental Horticulture that I do absolutely nothing with (other than pull weeds during work week at Kamp)!

My point is this: God has specifically designed each one of us to "do work" on His behalf. And last time I checked the work he has illustrated in His Word is mighty. So if you have a dream that you can accomplish on your own...dream bigger. The work that God prepares requires His our dreams have to BIG.


  1. Thats Great Shay!! Me and some guys have a bible study/ prayer group at our school, and we are continuing to do it this year. It is encouraging when freshman come up to me and ask when we meet so they can come too. I know God is using the group to do something awesome in our school. I hope we continue to challenge everyone who sees us.

  2. Proud of you Spicy. God is so good to bless us with encouragement like that. You are experiencing the joy of serving a great God. I have no doubt he is going to use you and your men. Keep up the great work!