Saturday, October 4, 2008

Clean Team in Highland Park!

Mohicans of K2,

I am pumped to imform you that I have evidently struck gold in Highland Park, HP Clean Team opened the faceboook group on Sunday September 28, 2008 with 16 representatives as members and as of the lastest check we are at 227 members and its only Tuesday September 30, 2008. I am so lucky to have guys like you that poured into me for 25 days and light me ablaze to spread Jesus like fire through Highland Park. Nothing was more of a life changing event than taking K-Equip this year, from that i am now about to help lead a bible study for my little brother David's friends and I am getting poured into by two wonderful ex K-2 leadership guys, Ryan Nixon and Jordan Hamilton. I just wanted to say thank you for truly putting me where I needed to be to make a difference back home. You guys are wonderful and I hope all is going well with Kamp and your families. I am constantly praying for yall.

Your brother in Christ, Benjamin Parke

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