Friday, December 12, 2008

Inspired Life/Living with Vision- What is the draw of this post?

I posted this entry on Oct 28th. In the last month it has received over 200 hits standing out above all other "old posts". I am not sure why? Help me understand. What is it that draws readers to this post among the archives???

The product of an inspired life is fantastic. Like Nehemiah, David, Jesus and countless modern day Mighty Men this lifestyle is that of the best leaders. People want to follow a man who has a dynamic dream and the character to fight for it daily. At Kanakuk K2, the Christian Sports Kamp I help direct, we believe that there is a born leader inside every boy and girl that enters our Kamp. Under the leadership of Joe White we have developed a program that challenges kids to dream for Christ and gives them the practical steps to accomplish their dream. As a result of this program we see teenagers taking the world for Christ. By God’s grace we get to see kids eyes opened to a passionate and intimate lifestyle that they didn’t know exists. We ignite this process by casting vision. And now more than ever our country thirsts for Men of faith leading with vision.

Proverbs 29:18 says, “Where there is no vision the people perish.” The literal definition of perish is this context means: to cast off restraint, to loosen, to dissolve, to break up, to go to pieces, to go naked, to perish. If we take an honest look at our culture we see moral restraint being cast off. The foundation of truth that our Nation was founded on is dissolving. Our ability as a society to raise children of respect, honor and integrity is breaking up.

The prophet Amos warned the nation of Israel to return to their first love. The people forgot their God during times of prosperity and the time would come, in the midst of captivity, when they would long for the Word of God. Amos 8:11, “Behold days are coming,” declare the Lord God, “When I will send a famine on the land, Not a famine for bread or a thirst for water, But rather for hearing the words of the Lord. And the people will stagger from sea to sea, And from the north even to the east; They will go to and fro to seek the world of the Lord, But they will not find it.” The nation of Israel is to point all other nations to the One True God and to model to all other nations.

Brothers, our country has strayed from its first love blinded by prosperity. The economic state of our country is causing men and women to question everything. Now is the time for Mighty Men to rise up with a vision to take this nation for Christ. The Harvest is plenty but the workers are few. I pray that a remnant of Men who dare to dream, who dare to be faithful, who dare to fight for Jesus Christ will rise up from the obscurity of faithlessness and turn our nation back to the One True God. This is a mighty dream. This is an inspired life.

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