Thursday, October 2, 2008

Mighty Men: What are men fighting for? Part 2 of 2

“I read somewhere you said that you are fighting now for peace. Fighting against racism. Fighting for literacy. This means all the boxing was just a prelude to what you do now.”
-Quote from Juan Williams interview with Muhammad Ali-

Brothers, I apologize for failing to follow up yesterday as I promised. Forgive me for not following through on my word.

On Tuesday we talked about the how the fall of man concieved the curse of man and the curse gave birth to "the fight" we experience everyday as men. Men are fighting for women, sports and everything in between. We are fighting for a promotion, some credit, a good cause, or maybe the first seat in the jazz band. We desire authority, control, respect, applause and popularity. Our goals are security, success, power and advancement. This desire to fight is universal and I believe that God created this instinct at the core of a man. This desire is a driving force in our actions as men therefore we must understand how and why God built us this way. Our instinct to fight is a powerful force and quite honestly it is scary how easily we can be swayed to fight for the enemy.

Scripture thoroughly addresses our desire to fight. The origin of this desire is seeded in man’s forfeit of stewardship to Satan. After the fall of man we are left with the desire to manage God’s creation yet we have been left inadequate to do the job. The blessing of stewardship has now become a fight. The good news is that God crafted scripture to appeal and teach men to wage a spiritual battle. God sent His son, Jesus, to bridge the gap of our inadequacy and thus reinstate man’s rule over His creation in the future millennial kingdom (Heb 2:5-9).

Our society is full of men who are starved to fight for something worthwhile. The signs of our times illustrate how far off we are from God’s good purpose. Our fight culture is a manifestation of a spiritually starved generation of men. Men are engaged in fights that fail to fill the spiritual void that God has placed in each of our hearts. But here is the good news: God has engineered us this way for a purpose. A generation of men who are committed to engaging in the Lord’s battle will change the face of this nation forever. He has given us the blueprints to follow in His Word. Join me in this journey.

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