Friday, November 21, 2008

The Journey

Hey men, this is Matt Galvin ( a K2 Kamper) and this is my first post ever on a blog so bear with me!

Recently life has been great, the LORD is a God who blesses. The LORD has given me a family that loves, a home that shelters from the storms, friends that encourage, and men like you who strive for strong relationships with the God who is mighty to save.

But through all these blessings, its easy to push God to the side and quickly forget about him, even though He was the one who provided all this for me. Thats something that I feel is left out in our fast, transgressing, society filled lives in a world that never takes time out of their day to spend time with the almighty Creator.

Take a look at this picture. Just stare at it for 10 seconds. I think its rather facinating because dreamed a picture like this during my quiet time on Friday. Here is a road, beaten and surrounded by nature.
We can compare a road like this to our everyday lives. Close your eyes for a second. Pretend like you are a traveler on this very road. Perhpaps your home is far away, but for some, it is very near and the end of the road is just around the bend. Your journey home is underway and there is still ground to travel. The journey described is your journey to the Lord. For some it is coming to an end, with the ultimate goal of reaching heaven, our real home and not like the earthy one we have here on earth.

Let us remember we are still on our "journey" on this earth to our heavenly home and we are alien to this world. Let us journey with a passion, stop and look at the scenery but keep in mind the goal that we press on towards. This is truly what our christian journey is but the LORD wants us to stop along the way and help the others who are lost and need to find their true home.

Be strong in your faith men and dominate your christian journey!
-Matt Galvin
K2 Kamper
Highland Park, TX
1 Peter 2:10-12
11Dear friends, I urge you, as aliens and strangers in the world, to abstain from sinful desires

That is my prayer for you, let me know how we can keep in touch!

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  1. great job matt, I am so proud of the man of faith you are! press on little brother!