Friday, November 14, 2008

Ramblings from a Road Weary Gypsy and a wanna be Wabash Football player

Ashley and I have been traveling across the midwest for the past two weeks. The road has been good to us (see picture above). I have had the opportunity to interview close to 30 of the coolest Jesus Freak College students in the United States. I am driving home so encouraged. Honestly, I think I have been naive to the community of believers in College campuses. I think that's because I missed out on this community in college while I was off chasing the pleasures of this world. And in someway I am sad, because with each campus we stop at I see how much I missed out on. Of coarse God has purpose and can use the failures in my life to glorify His kingdom however, I want to take an opportunity to encourage you to embrace a life for Christ NOW. He wants you NOW. Not once you finish High School or once you graduate and move into the business world, He wants you NOW.

We were at Wabash college a couple days ago. Wabash is a private, secular, All-Guys University in Indiana. Ashley and I kept asking ourselves why you would attend an ALL-GUY campus. You are probably wondering the same thing?! Let me tell you one reason why. Because 60 of the 100 guys on the football team are in Bible studies. Remember this is a secular school. At out Kanakuk Movie we got to meet some of the most passionate, cool and on fire believers in Christ. There was a handful of solid senior guys leading the way: Andrew, Josh, Brock, David and Chris (All Kamp Guys). These guys were unbelievable and we could see how all the young guys wanted what they had! As a result we met all these young guys who had come to Christ just this semester because they wanted what the team leaders had, a relationship with Jesus. This group of men have started a Revolution on their football team and their Campus. 

All that to say, these guys were living for Christ NOW. The Wabash Football team is on fire for Jesus and they are making a difference NOW. I am so encouraged and so thankful their example. Press on Brothers.

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