Friday, December 19, 2008

If you like the taste of lactic acid you'll love NEGATIVE SPLITS

"I'm told by youth ministers and other people that my life shouldn't be this spiritual roller coaster, but how does that happen? I mean we all sin daily right? How can I keep growing in godliness but still day after day fall into the same traps of lies,gossip,or dishonoring my parents? As a Christian aren't supposed to be getting better and better at becoming more and more like Christ? Instead the more and more i get to know Christ it seems like the less and less i become like him. These are just some thoughts from a confused young Christian!" -Senior in High School

I totally understand where you are coming from. I think there is a better illustration than a roller coaster: I think our Christian life is more like a train track (I totally ripped this off from Rick Warren): with one good rail and one that’s bad. There is and will always be things to rejoice over and always be things we are struggling with. That is how James said, “Consider it pure joy my brethren when you encounter trials of many kinds” or when Paul said, “God uses all things for good for those who love Him”.

The more you get to know Him the more you will realize how jacked up you are!! That’s actually a good thing because your heart is becoming more like Jesus. It is softening to His voice. I must admit, the more I know God the more I realize how much I need Him and how far off I really am. But rest assured, that is how He sets us apart.

Let me leave you with one illustration: NEGATIVE SPLITS (I totally ripped this off from Scott G.)
Negative splits is a runners term. In a negative splits work out you run a 6 min mile, 2nd mile a 5:50 and the 3rd a 5:40. It is the most grueling, gut wrenching work out there is. Some say that it’s not the fastest guy who wins the race but the man who runs slow and steady. But I disagree, I say the guy who wins is the one who runs NEGATIVE SPLITS. In football you give everything you have for 3 quarters-running, hitting, juking, jiving but the team who wins is the one who comes out in the 4th and runs a Negative Split.
It’s the same with Men of Faith. The guy who wins for Christ is the one who runs with greater urgency, conviction and determination each day. This is how we win the race! NEGATIVE SPLITS!!

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  1. i am loving the track analogy.. your such a stud shay. That 3:49.24 is incredible! proud of you man!