Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Shay's Favorite Books for Teen Boys and older guys who can't read that good...

"Hey Shay: I am a mom of a 14 yr old girl K2 camper and a 16 yr old boy, and left this same question on Ashley's blog. Always having a difficult time finding quality uplifting and entertaining reading for the kids that is age and development appropriate. Wonder if you would consider a "Shays Favorite Books for Teen Boys"; kind of addition to your blog? Cathy"

I am reading "Do Hard Things" right now and I am recommending it to every teenager I meet. Awesome!!

Mark Cahill is the most sold out evangelist I have ever met. His writing is simple and easy to read. And there is no one that will get you more fired up to share your faith than him!

I read "Season of Life" after a Klife Conference with Joe Ehrman. This is a must read for every father and son. I devoured this book!I have only read portions of this book but I trust Ron Luce and his message to teenagers.

"Wild at Heart" is a must read for every dude!

"Every Young Man's Battle" is the most important book availible for young men today. It absolutley changed my life and caused me to become the man that the wife of my dreams would be attracted to. EVERY GUY needs to read this book!!!
I would not say that "Purpose Driven Life" is for every teenage boy but I know kids that it has impacted in a mighty way. It's awesome!

Ok, this is probably the book I am most excited about. I picked up "SINNER" a couple weeks ago and I could not put it down. It was my first Ted Dekker novel and it rocked my world. SINNER is a part of a series of books so I totally blew it, however I will be reading every Dekker book I can get my hands on! These books are action packed...gripping...mind blowing...

These are the next two on my list!

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