Thursday, December 11, 2008

What do you think worship is?

This is a great question coming from a college student...

"Shay can i ask a question??? well i hope so because im going to go ahead and ask... but what do you think worship is??? how do we worship??? and does worship change us??? well i guess that is actually 3 questions but im just interested to see what you think... and don't feel like you have to answer..."

Worship is obedience.
The first biblical reference to worship was when Abraham brought his son to be sacrificed (Genesis 22). His act of worship was obedience. In this case, to show that he loved God more than his son. God provided a ram for the sacrifice and Abraham proved to be a man of faith.
When we praise God with music and singing we are being obedient to praise Him. When we are faithful to our Bible study we are worshipping. When we walk out of movies that convict our spirit we are worshipping. When we share our faith with friends we are worshipping.

I believe the misconception of worship is what causes men and women to fall away throughout the week. If the emotion of music and singing is what brings us close to God we will surely feel separated from Him throughout the week. However, a life of worship will keep us intimately connected with our Creator everyday. This is how it changes us. Daily worship leads to transformation (Romans 12:2)


  1. Great blog, bro. Worshipping is so essential to being able to live in relationship with God. It's so hard for me to do because it's so hard to remember to do! So much busyness! But a great reminder, thanks.