Monday, January 5, 2009

AMPEC: Understand your Bible better with one word!

I am teaching Matthew to my 7th grade Mighty Men. This morning we talked about the background of Matthew and I used a simple acronym I was taught in the institute. The guys really caught on and I was reminded of how simple and effective this acronym is in simplifying the structure of the Bible. Thought I would throw it at you...hope it helps. This is worth writing down in your Bible somewhere.

Anticipation: The message of the Old Testament is summed up as the Anticipation of Christ
Manifestation: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. The Gospels are the manifestation of Christ
Proclamation: Book of Acts. The message of Christ is spread throughout the World. The Beginnings of the Church
Explanation: Romans-Jude. Authors of the Letters to the Churches give explanation of the new faith in Jesus Christ
Culmination: Revelation. Gods description of Victory in Christ and the Culmination of all things.

On a less serious note: I have wiped out 4 times this weekend on my jumping stilts...I am getting dangerously comfortable on them!!

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