Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Evolution vs. Creation

"The past couple weeks a lot of questions about my faith have come up and i wanted to know if you could maybe give me some advice. the biggest question that's come up is about "the Beginning"...i have always believed that God created this world(i still do), but we watched a video in a bible study that explains that evolutionary creation of the world is such a flawed concept. it talked about how intelligent design is the most plausible explanation, BUT they said that evolution AFTER creation is long as i believe that God created everything, including evolution, is it wrong to think that the creation story is just an explanation of what people thought happened "in the beginning"?" -Chris

First of all, you must remember this: "All scripture is God breathed.."2 Tim 3:16. God's Word is perfect and literally written. If there isn't absolute truth our faith in Christ would be worthless. If the Genesis story is "just an explanation of what people thought happened" our entire faith would be based off of man's ideas. We would be no different that Buddhists, Mormons, Scientologists, etc. The story of creation and the fall of man is the foundation for the Christian faith.

I want you to read Matthew Ch 4 where the Devil Tempts Jesus in the desert. You will see that the Devil twists scripture in an attempt to lure Jesus into sin. The evil one uses the same tactics today. When we become believers the enemy has to change his strategy. One strategy he uses with Christians is to weaken their faith, or create doubt, by twisting our understanding of the scriptures.

The enemy has developed a brilliant plan to crush Christianity by using Darwin's theory and seducing the science world to believe this theory as truth. The truth is that amongst the millions of fossil discoveries they have found no "transitional species" to support the theory of "Macro Evolution". It remains an unproven theory. Note: "Micro Evolution" is proven. ME is evolution that takes place w/in the species. For example: the variations in the breed of dogs...they have unique changes and specializations over time but they are still dogs.

Anything is possible with God. The man of God must sift through a world of deception and filter everything through the Word of God to find truth. You will find great resources on Creation/Evolution on the following website:
You can watch their videos for free. They will show you the science that the Evolutionist doesn't want you to see.

I love your heart Chris. I was an Cultural Christian and an Evolutionist until I was 24. I have a biology related degree from Iowa State and saw things no other way until my faith required me to seek out the truth. For two years I studied the science supporting creation and a young earth and my world/faith has never been the same.

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