Monday, January 12, 2009

Kanakuk Movie Tour...

We are back on the Kanakuk Movie Tour this week through Louisiana. I have a couple of goals. First, I take Ashley on a swampboat tour and wrestle an alligator. 2. Eat Cajun every day. 3. Put as many Kanakuk kids on Jumping stilts as possible. So far we are setting pace to achieve all of those goals!! If I can pass anything on to the next generation it is this: set goals and then do um
Last night we were in Shreveport, LA. Above I am on the jumping stilts with Danny Felty, Matt and Shawn Williams and James Haynes, aka a bunch of Studs!!
Yeah so Matt Williams is a stud and happens to be a natural on jumping stilts.
This is my new best friend James. James is as fearless as they come. He will no doubt be a warrior at K2 in a couple years. 

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