Thursday, March 26, 2009

Albert Pujols and Steroids- "Someone to believe in"

Major League Baseball has been tarnished by the induction of the "steroid era". The greatest players in the league have dropped one by one: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens (not sure in Clemens is officially "guilty" but he certainly has fallen from his platform), Mark McGwire and Alex Rodriguez to name a few. All of this disappointment leaves baseball fans looking for someone to believe in.

In the March 16, 2009 issue of Sports Illustrated Albert Pujols is featured in the article, "The Power to Believe" by Joe Posnanski. Posnanski boldly calls Pujols the best player in baseball. Anyone carrying that title is bound to be scrutinized and suspected for steroid use. Here's how Pujols responds, "'We're in this era where people want to judge other people,' Pujols says. 'And that's so sad.' He would like to leave it with those three words-that's so sad-but then people might wonder. So he continues: 'But it's like I always say, "Come and test me. Come and do whatever you want." Because you know what? There is something more important to me-my relationship with Jesus Christ and caring about others. More than this baseball. This baseball is nothing to me.'"

This is an incredible article and I encourage everyone to read it. Pujols has an amazing story, an amazing testimony, and he faithfully reps Christ throughout.

Thanks for your example Albert. We are proud of you.


  1. pujols will break every record that tainted shitdick a-roid steals

  2. Pujols is just as dirty. Don't kid yourself.