Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kanakuk Kamps Skit Idea Contest!!

Ladies and Gentleman, This spring we are in full swing...creatively speaking. One of my favorite things about Kanakuk Kamps are the crazy skits and skit characters who rock our world every summer. Last year we introduced a plethra of new skit characters: Carl Cleveland, Juan Guadalupe Enchilada Burro Nunez, the Jaguar from Equador, the Mohican, your friendly neighborhood Tongan, the Rocky Road Youth Group Troop and of course my friend and yours--Chachi Larussa, but his friends call him Chooch.

Anywho, I started a Facebook conversation with some kampers about the skit ideas and realized that there are some Mind-Blowing ideas out there that deserve a shot at the big time. So I have created this contest. Here are the rules:

1. Create a skit character, theme or on going skit that you think would be awesome at Kanakuk K2
2. All entries must be Kamp Appropriate
3. All entries may be submitted through Blog comments, my Facebook or email shay@kanakuk.com
4. All entries are due by next Wednesday March 18th at 5pm CST
5. Don Ford, his calves and myself will be the three Judges
6. Entries will be judged upon: Creativity, mind blowing awesomeness, out of the box thinking, recreatability, character development, funniness, and if Don Ford's calves like it.

The top three entries will receive a prize and the winners entry will be posted on Friday, March 20th. The prizes are below:
Grand Prize: Kanakuk Blanket, Soccer Socks, Nalgene, Bible and one of a kind Baseball Cap with Kanakuk Kamps accidentally printed upside down!!
2nd Place: Kanakuk Blanket and Bible
3rd Place: Kanakuk Baseball Cap, Tee Shirt and Nalgene
*I know all of my readers aren't necessarily "Bible Readers" so I would be happy to honor that and trade you out for comparable items if you wish.

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