Friday, March 20, 2009

Kanakuk Skit Contest!! And the winner is...

As you know we have been holding a Kanakuk Skit Contest over the last week and 1/2. Thanks to all of you who submitted ideas. Regardless of whether you win or not it make sure to keep an eye out this summer for YOUR idea!! Well the verdict is in. Don Ford and his calves have chimed in!! Your winners are...

3rd Place: Danny Felty

There is this composer (guitar player, singer, whatev). He composes this AWESOME song, and really wants to share it with everyone he knows. When he gives/offers it to his friends as well as ask them to perform it in front of other people that don't know the song, they try to play it from their own interpretation (or dance to it), but it is not how the composer wanted it or intended for it to be. (It embarrasses the composer and the performer.) I am describing the skit as sad, but it can be very funny as well.

what the skit means is that God (the composer)has a plan (the song) for our lives, and when we don't follow his plan and do things that he says for us not to do, we loose people to christ and brings shame to us as well as "embarrasses (the right word?) " God. We should act as friends/believers of God.

2nd Place: "Worst Case Scenario" by Katie Fredrickson
So you could do like someone breaking a rule at Kamp and showing some random repercussion for doing it. Like have someone pretending to text or talking on the phone and their cabin mates walk in on them and they all start freaking out thinking that the person hates all of them since he's on the phone and not hanging out with them. But then show the good side of it and have him turn the phone in and say something corny like "you guys are all I need".
And then end it with some catch phrase like: "We think of the worst case scenarios so you don't have to!"

Or another one could be someone walking with their cabin and being like "Wait, I forgot my nalgene! Let me go back to the cabin and get it!" and all his friends are like "You know you aren't allowed to", and he's like "I'll be fine, it'll only take a second" and he runs back to the cabin and picks up a nalgene and turns around and starts to leave but he slips and hits his head. Then all of his cabin comes back a little later and wake him up saying that he missed a day better than Laid Back in Lampe Day and Warball combined. And he's really sad and is like "I'll never go back into the cabin alone again!"

.. "We think of the worst case scenarios so you don't have to!!"

GRAND PRIZE WINNER: Ashton Jacobs (this is really no suprise-dude thinks outside of the box all day everyday!!)
"Ever since the earth was created, a great evil has been threatening the great light that is for some reason (and unbeknown to most) is housed right at Kanakuk kamps! For centuries, brave and mighty men have fought to protect the relic from being destroyed. These men include:
The original Mohekan (sp?) (who then made the haka as his battle cry) circa 1500 AD
Pentathlon Bill
Joe White
Dawn Ford...
(without even knowing it) CHAZ
Chaci Laruse and his plethora of pals
Dawn ford
Brave, Cheif and the flaming Eagle
The Original Mohekan again (any other notable characters I forgot to mention)
There is also one text discovered that depicts a...woman...actually fighting against this evil (which you could make the Gato or something else) but of course we all know this is false and just their attempt to try and fit in with the guys. We all know that Chuck Norris was the character in that episode, but since all who witness Chuck Norris fight die of aneurysms, we cannot fully prove this clame."
All I have to say is, "WOW". Danny, Katie and Ashton you prizes are in the mail!! Thanks again for all your submissions. By the way, keep the ideas coming and I will see you this summer!!

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