Sunday, March 29, 2009

Of the Flesh or of Christ Jesus

There are two choices one can make. There is either one that is driven by desires of the flesh or one driven by the will of Christ Jesus.

It cannot be any simpler than that. Every choice we make comes down to these crossroads. We are split between them and many times, we run down that path motivated by our so called "needs" or something we desire that we think can satisfy us. Taking the right path often is the most difficult choice to make, for our hearts so often desire the path that is materialistic or pleasurable. The path of righteousness is not going to be the fun route at times. Did the way of the LORD seem like fun when Paul was flogged in Rome or when Christians were martyred for their belief in Christ?
Today this subject occurred to me when I was alone at my house for a good three hours. During that time, no could see any of the choices I made. Many times alone like this, I have fallen to the desires of my flesh and sinned in a way not honourable to the LORD. Again, I was at the crossroads of my choices- should I make the decision to fall into sinful desire or follow the path that the LORD wills me to pursue? Thank the Lord I took the straight path that leads to Him!
This is such an easy area for Men of Christ to fall in, for we are so near to the path that seems enjoyable, yet is not right, and so far from the upright one. It takes just one step to get moving though, and then you will find yourself running to the Cross instead of faltering. Be encouraged Men for we are in a daily battle against our flesh and we must prevail so that we can be stronger Men of Christ!

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