Friday, March 6, 2009

Tim Tebow with Joe White at After Dark!!

"Last week I had the opportunity to build the cross for AFTER DARK at the University of Florida as we saw 5,500 Gator students come pack the O’Dome. This was our third largest crowd ever right behind Clemson and Texas A&M. Tim Tebow shared his powerful testimony, and I filmed some of it to share with you. Check out the video to see the Gators changed for Christ!" -Joe White

You can find Joe's video footage of this event on his facebook page..It is AMAZING!!


  1. Tebow makes me sick with all this Jesus stuff. People: You are believing in fantasy!!

  2. The thing is K and T. It's not a fantasy...Okay lets just suspend reality for a moment and say that us "JesusFreaks" are wrong. What harm comes of us. We lived a fair, and for the most part honest life and lived for something that we thought was bigger than ourselves. Then we just *poof* disappear. Though if you are wrong then the consequences are a bit more severe. You unfortunately would be spending an eternity in hell. Personally I like my odds better. I do know the creator of the Universe. God loves you and doesn't want that life for you just look around He is in everything. He will find you if you are willing to be found.