Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Victors Crown Bible Study

Our heartbeat at Kamp during the school year is to encourage kids in the walk with Christ. We have developed year round Bible studies as part of our strategy. For just the cost of the books, Kampers ages 7-12 have a unique opportunity to get into the Bible daily through Champion's Walk. Kampers ages 13-18 dig deeper into the Bible and what it says about their daily issues through the Victor's Crown. In both these 44 week programs Kampers read and do the lesson then report back to their Kamp Director at the end of each month. Kamp staff cheers your child on throughout the year in fun and creative ways. A special award time at Kamp the following summer puts a “BIG” bow on what God has already accomplished in their life through his Word!

Recently Andy Dolliver facebooked me on his experience. Here is what he had to say:

"Victors Crown has been a great experience because every morning it gets me started. It has not been easy. Many times I would much rather snooze for another 10 min. However, it is not that hard: all you do is read a bible verse, then read the study, and answer a few life applications. It's a lot like a Kanakuk bible study. It has also helped the relationship between my dad and I because we have done it together. He has encouraged me and taught me, and I have done the same for him. The hardest part for me were the first few months, but after that it has been something that has become a norm during breakfast."

I agree with Andy, making time for God isn't always the easy thing to do. As Christians we are called to seek God and obey His commandments regardless of how we feel. Andy, I am proud of you for being faithful to God's Word. Thanks for your example!!

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  1. This is quite an interesting thing.
    It is quite important to remember and practice our beliefs and come closer to God.

    It was a good practical idea how you guys made it work out.

    - Zaira

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