Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Summer Blogging...


Summer has been phenomenal thus far. Ashley and I moved to Kanakuk K2 on May 12th and have been going 100 miles/hr. ever since. We have an incredible staff this summer who are committed to showing teenagers the love of Christ. It is such an honor to work in such a Christ centered environment. I would like to share Ashley and I's highlight thus far. Ash and I run our tri-athlete specialty at K2. Neither of us are legit in the sport but we love what God does spiritually when our bodies are stretched to the limit. A couple days ago we ran our first triathlon. Ashley was running side by side with a girl who was really struggling to finish. As they pushed through the pain this young lady began to share life with Ashley and explained that she was sick of quitting on the various aspects of her life. She also explained that up to this point she was unwilling to commit to giving her life to Jesus.

The last portion of our triathlon is a stretch of pavement called "Cardiac Hill" because of its long, steep incline. This young lady prayed to receive Christ as she was running up cardiac to finish. The rest of the specialty was cheering them up the last stretch as Ashley and this young girl cross the finish line in tears. Once they explained why they were crying the rest of us began crying as well...it was unlike anything I have ever been a part of. The entire group of kids and counselors rallied around this young girl and prayed for her and we all walked up to the office where she rang the bell signifying her commitment to Jesus Christ.

I will not be blogging regularly until summer closes out in August. We prepare for 9 months to pour our hearts into K2 and prayerfully there will be many more stories just like this. God is great and is greatly to be praised. Please feel free to email me @ shay@kanakuk.com

God Bless


  1. Shay, I can't wait for Jim to be there. It's been a rough year for him & whether or not he admits it, he needs this. To be able to focus on God & others, at the same time. Thank you for what you do.

  2. What an amazing story!
    God bless you both!