Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back from an Amazing summer at Kanakuk K2!

Ashley and I are back from Kamp this summer and after a nice long vacation we are back in full swing at the Kanakuk headquarters. Last weekend we held a Father/Son retreat at K-Kauai which was a smashing success-we made some great memories with those men. Many people ask us what we do during the school year. We mostly do really important things like blob testing, zipline maintenance and washer tournaments. In addition to those staples we stay busy by building relationships with staff and kampers, recruiting staff and planning for next summer. We are already are preparing for summer 2010 but before I get to far ahead of myself I want to share the highlight of summer 2009.

Each term we do a gospel drama called "Cross Talk". This is a powerful presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ and we generally have many kids give their lives to the Lord during Cross Talk. When a kamper gives their life to Jesus there is a bell at the office that the kids will ring to share their celebration with the rest of Kamp. First and Second term we struggled with some disappointment because very few kids responded to the gospel message. We found ourselves questioning our presentation and wrestling with the Lord. Third term rolled around and we tweaked just a couple things but essentially gave the same gospel presentation hesitant because of 1st and 2nd terms response. From the very first speaker I could see something different in the crowd. As Joe chopped away at the cross the kids hung on every word that came from his mouth. They shuddered as Jesus was whipped and beaten by the Roman guards...something was just different. Finally when Jesus was hoisted up on the cross, died and rose again the kids began pouring out of the bleachers to surrender at the foot of the cross. As they gathered around 10-20 kids at the very center of the group where weeping loudly over their sin. I have never seen the likes of this at K2.

On a powerful night at K2 we will see 20-25 kids ring the bell. That's typically the night of the summer at our kamp (many kids have given their life to the Lord at this point). On this particular night kamper after kamper rang the bell. As a leadership team we stopped everything and just watched as the seemingly endless wave of boys and girls came forth. By the end of the night 54 for kampers rang the bell that night.

God moved in His timing. I think God was testing our faithfulness this summer. We were stretched and challenged in many ways. Most importantly we got to see the generation take a huge step towards the cross of Jesus Christ. It's time to prepare for 2010.

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