Monday, September 21, 2009

Father/Son Retreat 2009

We just wrapped up our last Father/Son Retreat of the fall this weekend. Every bed was filled as 40 father/son teams joined us at K-Kauai. They traveled from as far east as Niceville, FL and as far west as Aspen, CO to join us in manly adventures. Now there's all kinds of manly things a guy can do on the weekend. For example: alligator wrestling, throwing a rock at a cougar or sneaking up on a hippopotamus but few feats can out match the men that joined us. I think the words of our special guest Charley O'Maligillicutty said it best...
"Now that’s manly, but that ain’t nothing…
You’ve head of Sasquatch? (Other: yeah)
The Yetti? (Yeah)
Trolls ? (Yeah)
Loch Ness Monser (Yeah?)
Two Headed Dragons? (Yeah)
A walk in the park compared to…Giganticus Americanus—also known as The Monster Sloth Troll (others: oh my?) It’s fur is like razors, it’s claws like sharks teeth, and it’s breath like death and rotten eggs…(others: ew, well what did you do?)…the only thing I could do: I gave him a shake, I gave him a smack—I turned him into a coat and a hat!"

I learned this summer that God always shows up in His perfect timing. By the end of third term we had battled the flu non stop and God showed His might at our final cross talk when 54 kampers rang the bell. This retreat turned out to be one of those times. This weekend we had two Daddies lead their sons to Christ and three that baptised their sons on Sunday morning. One of those father/son teams happened to be my brother and nephew. God is good.

Alex, Shay, Andrew, Kelly and her husband Nick

I was so blessed to be a part of this weekend. We created memories that father's and son's will never forget. And the support and encouragement we recieved from the Father's and son's was absolutely overwhelming. God is good...all the time.

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