Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Kanakuk K2 "Make War"

I grew up thinking Christianity was boring and unimpressive. It seemed like every Christian example I had fit into the "Mr. Nice Guy" mold.. When I gave my heart to Jesus I discovered a lifestyle that was passionate, aggressive and life changing. All the qualities that the enemy worked so hard to hide from me and countless other young men. This is what fires me up about our ministry at Kanakuk K2. Teenagers get to see, through Godly examples, that being a man of God isn't about a list of do's and dont''s about engaging in battle, it's about good vs. evil, it's about making war. This is how I will live my life. This is how I will lead our staff. This is the way we will approach "Christian Camping". We are fighting for our King and for the lives that He places in our path.


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