Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Members of the Kanakuk K2 leadership Team

My brethren,

I apologize for being and inconsistent blogger last fall. I am committed to finishing strong this spring and using the Stronghold as an avenue of communication in regards to the summer to come at Kanakuk K2. Each year I have the pleasure of assembling K2's leadership team from the limitless pool of Christian leaders of Kanakuk K2. The goal is to build a body of men whose gifts compliment each other and who collectively have a heart to serve the staff and kampers each summer.

We have an incredible returning cast with Adam Donyes, Jared Kolter, Nasa Sete, James Burke, Seth Higgins and Brandon Rossi alongside Joe White, Don Ford and myself. Billy Heydel and Kevin Harrison have both moved on to lead ministries of their own as well as investing in their new marriages...WOOHOO! We are so pumped for them and are excited to watch them continue to develop as Christian leaders.

We have added John Downing and Todd Linder to the team.
John is obtaining his nursing degree with the goal of entering the anaesthesiology field. He is also a college tennis player at Mississippi College. We believe that John's qualities of faithfulness, attention to detail and his training in a highly delicate field is a perfect fit for the high calling of a Kanakuk Safety officer. All the guys in K2 tennis will be blessed to have him as a coach all summer long.
Todd is a long time kamper and student at University of Georgia. Todd is a leader on campus and is consistently investing into the lives of others. Todd is going to be filling the role of scheduler this summer. This is one of the most important jobs at kamp as he will be responsible for the daily schedule for kampers and counselors.

We are thrilled to have Todd and John on the team and with their help we believe that this will be the BEST SUMMER we have ever had!!

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