Friday, February 26, 2010

Where are my cookies?!

Every morning at Kanakuk we start the day off with prayer. This morning I walked into the prayer room to find some of those coconut girl scout cookies-samoas I think they are called. They are my favorite girl scout cookie however each scumtous bite was tinged with a little bitterness...

On 4 occasions, yes 4, I have prepaid for my cookies and have yet to receive a single one...

Summer 2004. 1930 Hermosa Beach Ave, Hermosa Beach, CA: A sweet, little neighbor girl comes knocking on my door selling girlscout cookies. I order 2 boxes of samoas and she responds that will be $8. I'm like, "now?" Little girls responds boldly, "yeah, now". Days, weeks and months pass by...looking out the window, waiting by the door, wondering, "Where are my cookies?"

Spring 2005. At an address I can't remember, Hollister, MO: A red-headed neighbor girl knocks on the door selling girl scout cookies, once again. I briefly hesitate because of my past experience but assume the best in this bold salesgirl. I order 2 boxes of samoas and fork over the cash. Once again, the days eclipse into weeks and months and the red-headed girl is never to be seen again. "Where are my cookies?!"

Spring 2007. Woodland Hills Community Church, Branson, MO: A Friend of mine approaches me and asks me to buy some cookie dough his daughter is selling. Caught off guard and in a moment of vulnerability I cough up the money. But this time I was giving it to an adult...surely this was safe bet. Still no cookie dough..."Where are my cookies?!?"

Winter 2009. Kanakuk Kamps, Branson, MO: An unnamed colleague is selling cookies for his church. I even get a little sample. Having been burnt 3 times prior I didn't even expect to ever see the guessed it, 3 months later-still no cookies. "Where are my cookies?!?!??!??!!!!???!???!??????????!!!"

where are my cookies?

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