Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ironman Branson: Team Kanakuk

Here is a picture of me training for the Ironman Branson that quickly approaches in September 2010:) As you can see I am training on a jalopy and have some significant body fat to shed in the next months but I am not afraid. I will tell you this, I had my first wipe out on the bike yesterday. I was going about .5mph and just fell over going up a hill. It was awesome and I bled.

Here's the latest update on TEAM KANAKUK. I believe we have between 20-30 Kanakuker's signed up right now with high hopes of 50 plus. However, I did hear that there were only 500 spots left last week. So If you would like to enjoy some pain flavored lactic acid for 6-10 hours next September step up to the plate and sign up for the Ironman Branson. Let me know when you do and I will let you in on all the perks of being a part of TEAM KANAKUK. The official event sight is below.

K2 tri-athletes drink pain like it's Strawberry Milk.

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