Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kanakuk Kamper Michael Aquino goes YARD

Check out the Article above. Michael is from a long time Kanakuk family and is one of my boys from K2. Last night he texted me asking me to pray for his game...his performance makes it look like I have a direct line to the Big Man Himself! (really we all do as long as we don't allow sin to separate us-Jesus is the answer...that's another blog for another day) Anyway, here is Michael's own words he sent to me after the game:
"Last night I was the starting right fielder for the nations biggest high school baseball game. The pitcher for the other team is the nations #1 draft pick for next year. He throws 99mph. I hit a towering home run off him in the 5th inning to break a tie and go up 6-5. Later on in the game the score was 11-11. I come up with two outs, runners on first and third. I swing and miss at the first curveball...I swing and miss at the second curveball...The crowd was going wild...I actually did feel God's presence (my prayer no doubt:) in the box. He throws me another curveball and I hit another homerun to win the game!!!"

That is legit!! You made us proud my friend!

If you are going to go...go Yard.

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